Expert Workshop | Nutrition Deficiencies That Cause Skin Issues
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Expert Workshop | Nutrition Deficiencies That Cause Skin Issues

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Is any of the following true for your dog:

1. Frequent skin rashes

2. Dull and rough coat

3. Dandruff and hair loss

4. Not getting the right nutrition due to ingredient constraints at home

If yes, this workshop will help you understand the underlying nutritonal causes, and how you can correct them for your dog.


We will cover:


• Deficiencies that occur when dogs are fed un-balanced homemade food at nutritionally demanding life stage
• Symptoms
• Nutrient deficiencies & associated skin conditions (Eg. Zinc deficiency & Slow hair growth, Fatty acid deficiency & associated dull dry coat)
• Breed predisposition to nutrient deficiency affecting skin health  
• Nutritional change & appropriate supplementation


When: 10:20am, 8th January



1. This is a highly interactive workshop. The nutritionist will take a 30-40 minute Q&A session towards the end.

2. This will happen over Zoom. 

3. Once you sign up, you will be added to a calendar invite for the workshop that will have the joining details. Make sure you check your junk mail.

If you face any issues, please email us at

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