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The simplest and most fun way to play with your dog indoors – a game of tug! And why are dogs LOVING our tug?

  • Extra long, or rather – just perfect.
  • Soft but strong. Unlike rope toys, these tugs are soft on their mouth, though the knots are tight and handle chewing well.
  • STRETCHY! The only tug that stretches, making it super fun and rewarding for dogs as they play.

Humans are loving it too!

  • Great way to exercise dogs indoors, during the rains or when outdoor time is not possible.
  • Fun bonding time too.
  • Great for mouthy dogs, and teething puppies. Keep those teeth far away from your hands!
  • You can be a bit lazy, and still have a fun game. Long and stretchy does the rest 
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Machine washable

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